Still Vist This Website

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I don’t know about you but I come here from time to time. And I was wondering if I should get back to club penguin. What do you think?


New Game Called ROBLOX

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Free Games at ROBLOX. Check out what I have been building lately!

Its Fun And FREE!

Im Sorry

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Im Sorry I’ve Haven’t Posted Anything Yet Because My House Caught On Fire So When Ever My House Gets Fixed I WIll Be Posting

I Won!

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Hey Whats Up Guess What I Won A Contest On Mimo’s Cheats Site

Whooooo Heres His Site

I Sooo Happy And I Don’t Know Why?

This Friday!

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As You All Know Friday Is The Day To Buy Your New Stuff And get The New Pin I Will Be Making Updates!!!

Darkgarza Q And A!!!

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Q Darkgarza Where Do You Live?
A San Antiono, Texas
Q Darkgarza When Did You Start Playing Club Penguin?
A Last October My Friend Told Me About It
Q Darkgarza What Grade Are You In?
A 8th
Q Darkgarza Whats Your Favorite Subject?
A Math
Q Darkgarza Do You Hack?
A Sometimes
Q Darkgarza How Old Are You?
A 14
Q Darkgarza Whats Your Favorite Tv Show?
A Forensic Files
Q Darkgarza Do You Know Anybody Famous?
A My Friend’s Cousin Is Brad Pitt
Q Darkgarza Do You Have Any Other Accounts In Club Penguin?
A Yes Dylangarza, Garza Rox
Q Darkgarza Do You Play Any Other Online Games?
A Yes I Play Roblox And Planet Cazmo
Q Darkgarza Do You Have Any Game System’s?
A Yes I Have A Xbox 360, Playstation 3
Q Darkgarza Whats Your Favorite Holiday?
A Christmas
Q Darkgarza When Is Your Birthday?
A June 18, 1994
Q Darkgarza Whats Your Favorite Movie?
A The Lost Boys!

Christmas Party Is Here! 2 Free Items!

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Ok The Christmas Party Is Here Its Look Awesome Check It Out…Whats That You Want To Know Where Everything Is…Haha Ok Here Its The New Pin Its In The Ski Lodge


And Here Is The Santa Hat From Last Year And Its In The Snow Forts


And The Last Item But Its Super Rare Its The Santa Beard!!! And Its In The Ski Village


I Think This Is The Best Christmas Party Ever…Don’t You…I Mean The Famous Santa Beard That Is The Best Ever Right…And I Think On Christmas Eve Club Penguin Would Give Out The Christmas Scarfs Like Last Year!!!